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Available MODULUS:

001. Obesity, Overweight, Fatness, Eating Disorder, Eternal Diet, Eat Healthy
002. Sexual Equilibrium, Impotence, Frivolity, Premature Ejaculation
003. Depression, Stress, Emotional Equilibrium
004. Snoring, Apnea, Sleep Therapy, Well Sleeping, Anti-Insomnia
005. Anorexia, Anorexic, Extreme Thinness
006. Anti-Tabac, Tabagism, Anti-Smoking
007. Anti-Drugs, Anti-Vices
008. Anti-Alcohol, Alcoholism
009. Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Shyness, Self-Control
010. Auto-Esteem, Auto-Trust
011. Individual Motivation, Anti-Fatigue, Self-Discipline
012. Mental Hygienization
013. Anti-Fear, Anti-Traumas
014. Anti-Stuttering, Stuttering, Disfemia
015. Urinary Incontinence

101. Memory Rational Intelligence Enrichment
102. Knowledge Enrichment
103. Professional Enrichment
104. Student Capacities Enrichment
105. Good Behavior
106. Good Discipline

201. Sportive Enrichment

301. Organizational Motivation
302. Organizational Cohesion
303. Organizational Racionalization

801. Travel to Paradise
802. Extreme Pleasures
803. The Success Game

What happen after you purchase the InMental Psychological Software especially adapted to your particular specific problems?

After purchasing the InMental Psychologic Software you will be contacted by e-mail and by telephone for you to tell us the exact modules that you need.

We will also call you by telephone to better understand your problems, with the objective to produce your Psychological Software, especially adapted to your particular specific problems.

What to do after receiving your InMental Psychological Software?

Your Psychologic Software contains one Therapy Session oriented to you, whether you are a Woman or a Man. This Therapy can be used by People of all ages: adults, youngsters, old people and even children.

You have to listen one Session per day, during three days, for example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

You can always hear a Session, every time you feel more fragile or insecure.

The InMental Psychological Software is an Audio File that you can listen using headphones on your CD player, or computer, notebook, Tablet, PDA, iPOD, Smart Phone, iPhone, iPAD, ... exactly like listening normal music, but we recommend you to do it with your eyes closed and in a resting comfortable position like in your bed or in a sleeping chair.

You should sit or put yourself in a sleeping comfortable position in a silent place, preferentially your sleeping room. Before you begin, take off your shoes, go to the toilette if needed. Cover yourself well with something warm, if it s cold. Turn off mobile phones, alarms and rings. Tell your friends and family to do not disturb, you will need silence in the next 60-90 minutes.

We recommend you to connect your Device directly to the electric power to keep the battery fully charged, during the entire session.

You are ready to begin, probably, one of the most exciting experiences of your life...

Put on your headphones, turn on your (device) CD player, or computer, notebook, Tablet, PDA, iPOD, Smart Phone, iPhone, iPAD, ... CLOSE YOUR EYES and let yourself go...


What is it Psychological Software, or Psychology Software, or Psycho Software? Or, now in French, Logiciel Psychologique?

What makes us to do exactly the opposite of what our Conscience tells us to do?

Why do we Eat, Drink, Take Drugs, Gamble, Smoke, … more than the limits of our capacities?

What makes us to go to the Refrigerator, in the middle of the night, to eat and drink more than what we can?

Our Critical Sense tells us that we should not, WE CAN NOT… nevertheless, we do exactly the opposite.

And why The Medicine has no capability to solve these problems?

Simply, because these anomalies are in the area of the Psychologic Software and not in the domain of the Physiologic Hardware.

The Physiologic Hardware is like the Computer Hardware and the Psychologic Software is like the Software that operates (runs) inside the Computer Hardware.

The Medical Science, or Medicine, with all their remedies, medicaments, treatments, surgeries is prepared to take care of the problems of our physiologic domain, or by other words, of our Physiologic Hardware. And when there are anomalies in our Psychologic Software it should be the Psychology Science that should take care of them.

There is a small area – the Psychiatry – where things are a little mixed: the cases of physical lesions in the physiologic hardware that contains, in it, the psychologic software, like physical damages in the brain that can affect directly the functioning of the rational system. The case of accidents where beating with the head, or with one object can destroy part of the brain. Or a genetic malformation, like the mongolism, between other examples.

If we compare a Computer with a Human Being, everything will become much easier to understand:

- The Data Input peripherals, correspond to our Five Senses: ears (audition), eyes (vision), noose (olfaction), fingers/hands/skin (tact), tongue (taste);

- To speak, sing, to write is the form of the information to come out of our system, the Data Output;

- The Hard Disk and Flash Memory, of the computers, correspond to our Sub-Conscience;

- In our brain we have our memory RAM (Random Access Memory) that corresponds to our Conscience;

- And we also have in our brain the CPU (Central Processing Unit) that corresponds to Rational Central Processing Unit of the human being, which handles as well the Critical Sense.

The problems of the Psychology Domain are of superior complexity for the traditional Medicine, Psychiatry and Psychology, because these sciences have serious difficulties in accepting that a human being is basically a biological computer, with the capacity of interacting with the environment through their input and output peripherals, by executing the functions of the Psychologic Software that runs inside of his brain.

The problem is even more complicated to understand, and much more to solve, when what the Patient says has nothing to do with the Real Truth that goes really deep at the bottom of his SUB-CONSCIENCE.

Simply because when the Patient speaks, with the medical doctor, psychiatrist or psychotherapist, he is talking using the Conscient Memory and Logic that are in the Conscience. By other words, when we are awake, or conscient, we do not have direct access to the information and logic that are in the Sub-Conscience.

The Sub-Conscience Memory and Logic are responsible for the functioning of all our body and internal organs (heart, lungs, liver, stomach, kidneys, …): for example, it is not our Conscience Memory or Logic that can give direct orders to our internal organs.

Just talking with a Conscient Patient, only gives us access to the conscient information or the symptoms; never to the causes. Because, in reality, the Impulses that oblige him to do what he SHOULD NOT DO are very well rooted, deeply inside his SUB-CONSCIENCE. But he, even, does not know them, because they are not accessible to its Conscience!

Unfortunately, the traditional Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist or Psychotherapist do not have methodologies to interact with the Patient Sub-Conscience. So frequently they walk blindly, sometimes for years, without solving anything or understanding the real origin of their patient problems that are deeply inside the Psychologic Software of their Patients at the Sub-Conscience level...

If we accept that we are, also, biological computers, everything will becomes much easier.

We can develop and implement PSYCHOLOGIC SOFTWARE that interact directly with the Sub-Conscience, just like Computer Software, Plugins or Patches that are specifically design, programmed and used to efficiently resolve specific and punctual problems of the Psychologic Software of the Human Mind.

Let us introduce a few new concepts, for a more concise definition:

(1) PATCH Psychologic, as a specific programming to solve problems or to correct malfunctions of the Psychologic Software of the Human Mind Sub-Conscience;

(2) PLUGIN Psychologic, as a specific programming to improve specific functions of the Psychologic Software of the Human Mind Sub-Conscience;

(3) UPGRADE Psychologic, as a programming to improve the functioning or to restore the Psychologic Software of the Human Mind Sub-Conscience.

So, exclusively, the InMental Institute – – once more, decides to step forward with a New and Innovative Discovery in the area of the Human Mind, a new Technological Breakthrough:


Here we present to you some of the PLUGINS, PATCHES and UPGRADES, designed and programmed that will interact, according to the specific problems of the psychologic software of the patient, with the Sub-Conscience and will be able to solve some of the anomalies that so much disturb your day-to-day life.

So, if you have one of this "malfunctions" and you want to solve them, give it a try… you have nothing to loose… and you will see, for your self, how amazing this InMental Therapy is in helping you to solve your psychological problems.

By the way! We can develop and program Psychologic Plugins, Patches or Upgrades for other specific problems… of course, only if they belong to the Psychologic Domain. So, in case that your problem is not defined here, we can design and conceive a PSYCHOLOGIC SOFTWARE tailor-made for you. For that you just need to define to us, in detail, your specific problem.

The InMental Psychologic Software is available in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Time is money and your Life is too short for you to wait eternally for the solution of your problems. How the people say: Who Expects... Despairs...

NOW this is the time for you to make a decision. This is the moment for you to solve your psychological problems, once and for all... and... to FIND HAPPINESS...

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Author: Dr. Fortunato Da COSTA, MBA (Maitrise) in European Studies by the European Studies Institute, Master in Public and Business Administration and Major in Engineering, he is an International Consultant in Information Technologies, Expert in Organization and Information Systems Architecture, Businessmen, Professor, Trainer, Speaker in Seminars, Conferences, Writer, Scientist, Inventor, Hypnotherapist, Condicionative Clinic Hypnologist, …
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